Fencing Supplies

Brompton Joinery are here for all your wood fencing needs! We stock most items and buy more in when stormy weather is forecast so you can rely on us to have the fencing supplies you need when most other suppliers have sold out!

Standard stock items include Concrete and Timber Fence Posts, plus Fence Panels such as Featheredge, Closeboard, Hit and Miss, Lattice, Trellis, Picket, Lap and Waney Board.

We also stock a wide range of Fencing Accessories such as Postmix, Fixings and Fittings.

Rhino Fence Panels

What is a Rhino Fence Panel?

A Rhino featheredge fence is decorative fence created using overlapping boards which taper to a thin edge at one side. The thin edge is overlapped by the thick edge of the adjacent fence board, repeating across the entire panel to leave no gaps.

What are the advantages of a Rhino Fence Panel?

Rhino featheredge fencing offers superior durability and strength over lap panel fencing, without sacrificing style and decorative appeal. It is ideal for exposed areas, harsh weather conditions, visibility screening, good security or other fencing jobs where strength is a requirement.

The featheredge panels we produce are by far the strongest panels we have ever seen in our experience. Using 32mm x 75mm back rails combined with 125mm featheredge boards and finished with a heavy duty capping this makes a very strong panel. All boards and rails are pressure treated for low maintenance!

Available in sizes from 6’x 1′ to 6’x 6′ with double sided panels made to order this has to be the ultimate “fit & forget” panel.

These garden fence panels are built to last, suitable with sturdy timber or concrete posts.

Concrete Posts & Base Panels

Concrete Slotted fence posts are the long lasting alternative to timber posts as each post has four internal steel reinforcing bars. Concrete fence posts provide strength and durability to your fencing and are not susceptible to rot in the ground.

Concrete base panels add even more strength and stability whilst prtecting the bottom of your timber fence panels.