Concrete Posts & Base Panels

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Concrete Posts & Base Panels

Concrete Posts are our recommendation for fencing posts. We provide the entire range at varying sizes.

Once installed our concrete posts will last a lifetime and are not prone to rotting like timber posts.

Base Panels or Gravel Boards help to add even more strength and stability to posts, whilst protecting the bottom of timber fence panels from wet ground.

We do not install fencing, but can provide free local delivery and can recommend relaible local tradesmen.

Installation of Concrete Fence Posts

  1. Concrete fence posts will normally be sunk 2ft into the ground, so first make sure that there are no underground cables or drains to potentially damage!
  2. Purchase your posts 2ft taller than they will stand. Example, if you want your posts to stand 6ft high you need to buy 8ft high posts.
  3. Clear the area and set up a string line on the boundary. This will ensure that all posts are straight.
  4. Your post hole should be at least a spade's width in order to secure the post with concrete mix.
  5. Place the post into the new hole and fill the hole with concrete. Each post will require around 40kg of concrete mix.
  6. Use a spirit level to ensure the post is straight.