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Elite Greenhouses

Elite Greenhouses are at the premium end of the domestic greenhouse market offering high strength and durability across the range.

Their aluminium buildings can be made to any length and are available in a wide choice of colours with a huge range of accessories, backed by a 10 year guarantee.

As approved stockists and installers of Elite Greenhouses we are able to offer competetive retail prices.

We can deliver and install on-site. We will even demolish old buildings and remove rubbish in preparation for a new installation.

We are even able to safely dismantle and dispose of Asbestos hazards.

Available colours:

The standalone Greenhouse buildings are offered in: 4', 5', 6', 7' to 8' and 10' to 12' widths. Lengths start from 4'5" to any length greater.

We can also supply: Elite extensions to existing Elite greenhouses; drop doors; hybrid aluminium panels and R-Type greenhouses (freestanding, requiring a suitable wall to attach to).

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